How do I create/assign tasks to an activity?

Worth knowing about tasks in SportMember

- Assign tasks to members in connection with the activity

- E.g. take care of laundry, bring cake etc.

- You MUST be registered for the activity to be assigned/take a volunteer task

- You can create an unlimited number of tasks

There are two functions regarding tasks in SportMember.

Both can be found by going to the specific activity.

  1. Press  eller  at the bottom of the screen
  2. Find the specific activity and click on it
  3. Press  at the bottom right
  4. Go to  Tasks

Create task and select specific members

Here, you as the coach decide who will be assigned to a specific, predetermined task.

  1. Go to  Create task and select
  2. Select participants
  3. Select task (default tasks)
  4. Send an email to the selected person(s)
  5. Finish with the green Save button

  • TIP: If you want to distribute tasks more evenly across the team, choose to ignore people who have been assigned a task in the last 1/2/3/5 months

The activity now shows tasks and the person(s) responsible for it in the activity.

Example: Allan is responsible for washing clothes for this match

Create voluntary task

Here you define tasks that are voluntary. This means that members can sign up themselves if they wish.

  1. Go to  Create volunteer task
  2. Name the task
  3. Determine the maximum number of participants who can sign up for the task
  4. Finish with the green button Save

Members can now sign up for the task(s) until the maximum number of participants is reached.

Example: the voluntary task "Bring gloves and balls" needs 3 members/coaches who can take the task by clicking on the button

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